Women on the Tools – WOTT

 Make it or fix it yourself

WOTT … what?

WOTT is a place for you to get hands on with tools and machinery. Learn the right tool for the job and apply those skills to making and fixing.

We run evening, half and full day courses on all things carpentry, welding and home maintenance. Our aim is to help people who haven’t spent time in sheds and workshops learn skills, gain confidence, have fun, and (most importantly) make stuff!

We don’t assume knowledge or experience. Our introductory courses start with the fundamentals.  You don’t just get to practice the skills, though; we want you to take something tangible home with you. That’s why every course is focussed on making something. All you need to do is find the course that suits you.

Courses are held in our fully equipped workshop, and taught by our experienced and friendly staff. All equipment and materials are supplied. Just bring yourself and your friends, or make new ones.



WOTT – getting women into sheds

WOTT will also be launching a subscription program soon. Pay a small monthly fee and get supported access to the WOTT workshop, where you can create/imagine/build/make/repair those dream projects!

WOTT grads can use the workshop, tools and our on-site expertise to do more skilled and complex jobs – whatever that might be. WOTT membership – Your shed, your project.



Why Wott?

WOTT is the passion project of Janet Carter (JC), set builder, props maker and general arts-related construction wizard.  JC trained at the WA Academy of Performing Arts as a set builder and props maker, learning carpentry, welding and a host of other trade skills. She has spent more than twenty five years working in workshops (her own and other peoples), building things, solving problems and teaching skills to all sorts of people.

She noticed that women often had little experience of handing tools and doing the basics, but were keen to learn. After observing how other folks taught skills (especially the ‘heavy’ skills of carpentry and welding), she developed a strategy for teaching that was about making tools and processes accessible and inclusive. Her workshop is equipped with tools, machinery and safety gear that fit women’s bodies, as well as men’s.

She never assumes prior knowledge: all the WOTT introductory courses start with the principle that you’ve never picked up a tool in your life, let alone been shown how to use it. The courses support hands on, step by step, small group learning, with concrete outcomes, that build confidence as well as skills.

After years of formally (at TAFE and University) and informally (on the job) practicing this way of teaching, JC decided it was time to set up a dedicated space where folks could come to learn great skills from the ground up, have access to tools and call on an expert for support and guidance.

If this sounds like your sort of adventure, enrol for a course or feel free to  contact us with any questions.